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You would be happy to know that now we allow ambitious individuals to write for us. We thrive to offer the best information to our readers related to the latest fashion trends, beauty, health, and Living.

Being a trustworthy & reliable source of information, we expect high-quality, unique, genuine, and easy to understand content from you.

What We Write About

Looks & Curves allows everyone to share their ideas through words with us. We focus on the following areas:

  • Fashion
  • Trends
  • Outfits
  • Style
  • Beauty
  • Make-up
  • Hair
  • Skin & Nails
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Well-being
  • Living
  • Relationships
  • Wellness
  • Motherhood
  • Parenting

You must ensure to send the writings related to the above-mentioned categories only, anything entirely unrelated will not be posted.

How to Write For Us

While creating writing for our website, keep in mind following guidelines to ensure that your contents meet our requirements:

  • Article length should be between 600-1000 words.
  • All the content must be completely plagiarism- free and relevant to the suggested topics.
  • You must include at least one or more than one relevant image/ infographics/videos along with proper attribution to catch the reader’s attention.
  • You can drop a backlink to your own blog if your content is relevant. However, we allow only one ‘Do-Follow’ link.
  • Your blog/article should be informational, reader-friendly, easy-to-understand, depicting clear thoughts.
  • Design your article with relevant headings, sub-headings, and important terms or messages in bold words. You can also use bullet points wherever needed.
  • Ensure that the writing provided by you should not be posted or published anywhere else not even on your own website.

Important Things to Note

  1. We hold the right to edit or modify your content to match our standards of blogs.
  2. We condemn the content which is intended to promote a specific service or product.
  3. We regularly share our blogs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  4. We strictly follow Google’s guidelines and completely avoid website liking that can degrade our standards.

How to Submit Your Blogs

If you are an excellent writer who is well-informed with topics suggested by us and feel interested to write for us, then send it to our mail id: [email protected] Also attach your name, relevant media, and website link you wish to link in the email.

If your writing meets our requirements and standards, we surely get back to you soon.

Thanks for your valuable time!