korean fashion

South Korea is taking over the fashion world by storm due to its unique cultural powerhouse. As Korean movies, music, and celebrities are gaining recognition in the Western world, more and more people are getting attracted to their peculiar fashion trends and styles. 

Vibrant fabrics, colorful prints, unique piercings, and pieces with the influence of Western culture make Korean-style earrings, clothing, and local fashion popular trend all around.

Seoul fashion week has become a noticeable event in the fashion industry. People across the world visit Seoul to display their creative flair and observe other budding designers. This event shows the super-diverse side of Korean fashion as it ranges from classic chic style to bright neon looks and streetwear. 

Ever- Changing Fashion

Though South Korea is a homogenous country, it embraces the various influences of other cultures and accentuates it with its flair. As easily the trends get in, it sweeps out just as quickly. Korean fashion paces quite fast and allows individuals to experience quirks of style only to be fad by the new ones. 

For instance, consider the craze of the infamous padded jacket. Short North Face jackets were a big star item of Korean fashion. They were known as spine breakers as one needs to break their spine to buy them. In spite of the extravagant price, people loved them as it was their status symbol and differentiates between fashionistas and the fashion-incompetent. Yet it went out of trend soon when long padded jackets came as the new fashion stars.  

Celebrity Love

Celebrities influence the fashion trends and lay down what is considered vogue. K-pop artists and albums like BTS have created quite a storm across the globe, not only for their music but for their style of outfits and accessories that suits everybody’s tastes.

A fashionable member of BTS, Jungkook made headlines for his Hanbok airport fashion. People went crazy to buy that piece of fashion for themselves. Besides, he made Korean-style earrings popular among men. This shows how fans look towards their superstars for fashion tips. Whatever is worn by K-pop artists becomes the trend in no time and trails its way from stores to the wardrobe of the youth in Korea as well as all over the world. 

Intimacy in Clothing

Matching fashion for couples may be unheard of in Western countries, but it is very much prevalent in Asian countries with South Korea, not an exception. It is an effortless and loving way to show your bond which is not limited to partners only and can be followed among family and friends. The couple’s fashion has become a way to show affection and intimacy in a conservative society. These looks are cute, dandy, and mark their presence at fierce high-end events as well.

To Wrap Up

Koreans are fashion people! They explicitly expect you to look your best and focus on the appearances, else consider rude. Investing in fashionable Korean style earrings, clothing, bags, and other pieces along with good taste in style is a cultural facet. Koreans bring out the best in the world. A big thanks to the big names like Blackpink, Sora Choi, Jungkook, Korean style is open to the global fashion industry.