Sexual Health

Good health at any age means eating a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. But, how many of you think that much about your sexual health? It is very important to stay informed about your reproductive and sexual health. 

From the choices for birth control to menopause, the sexual health of women can be quite complex. Female bodies are much complicated than men and react differently. It can be hard to know what is normal and what can be a potential symptom of a problem when it comes to reproductive and sexual health.

Here are some sexual health tips for women at different stages of her life:

In Your Twenties

Get necessary shots and testing 

Regardless of whether you are sexually active or not, an HPV vaccine is highly recommended for all women. Besides, a Pap test is also vital should be repeated every three years. Also, STI testing must be done every year.

Regular intake of folic acid

If any woman wants to conceive in her twenties or later in life, she should regularly take folic acid. Folic acid is crucial for fetal development. So, if you think you might plan to have kids in your life, start taking folic acid daily. 

Go through annual exams.

You should go and see your doctor even in your 20s for an annual exam. These checkups are important for everything regarding your sexual health, including birth control, Pap smears, HPV vaccines, and fertility tests. 

Have an honest talk with your doctor

Start developing a relationship with your doctor honestly, no matter what your questions or concerns are. Share about your family history and update your doctor every time something unusual or new happens. Asking questions and clearing your doubts is the best way to know about yourself and stay in good health. 

In Your Thirties

Prioritize infection prevention 

STI testing, HPV vaccine, and Pap test are all important to prevent infections, and some tests can also help identify the signs of cervical cancer. Each time you see OBGYN, discuss the infection, such as recurring bladder infection, UTIs, and cancer prevention. 

Keep taking your folic acid.

Folic acid is beneficial for women’s health in many ways, the most important being when you are planning to get pregnant. So keep taking folic acid regularly if you might change your mind about having children. 

Continue with your yearly exams.

Annual appointments are vital for everything from STI testing to family planning. You may wish to have a review every year regarding birth control or trying to try a new form of birth control. At every exam, ask your doctor to recommend a Pap smear, keep checking for funny vaginal odors, or anything else that happens at this stage. 

In Your Forties

Educate yourself regarding menopause

Now is the time to educate yourself about menopause. Ask doctors questions about perimenopause signs and prepare yourself physically and mentally before the transition occurs. 

Take folic acid, if pre-menopausal

Continue the intake of folic acid as long you are in your pre-menopausal stage and may become pregnant. Regardless having kids are on your radar or not, folic acid is very important. 

Talk to your doctor about mammograms.

It is time to think about mammograms once you hit your forties. While they are not usually advised until you are forty-five, your doctor may recommend them earlier, especially if you have a family history of breast cancer. 

Besides, continue with your annual exam for STIs, cervical cancers, and others. Remember to stay on top of that. 

In Your Fifties

  • Consult your doctor regarding menopause
  • Schedule a yearly mammogram
  • Keep your annual exam with your OBGYN or doctor 

In Your Sixties

  • If you have never had a Pap test, do get one.
  • Get the annual pap and HPV test if you are sixty-five or younger.
  • Do not forget the mammogram. 

In Your Seventies

  • Talk to your doctor regarding the risks of cancer.
  • Get an STI test if you are sexually active.
  • Get a mammogram if you seventy four or younger.
  • Keep annual appointment with OBGYN exam.

In your eighties and nineties, get the annual exams, get STI test whenever necessary, and ensure to talk about risks of cancer with your doctor. 


There are many things to stay on top of when it comes to sexual health, regardless of your age. Whether you want a general wellness exam or need a PAP, get in touch with your doctor today. If you need any medical supplies for maintaining sexual health, you can order items from Medomand and get your medication at your doorstep.