‘When are you going to start a real job?’ The most common question asked by your relatives when they come to know you are a bartender. They don’t understand your love and passion for mixing drinks or showing the skills you have learned in so many years or even meeting new and different people almost every day (mostly nights). No matter what, you love the adrenaline that you feel when you serve a guest their favorite drink or have a convo with one (sometimes even interesting ones) or when they cheer while you show your skills. You had to choose to bartend as this was your passion, regardless if it was from the beginning or if you just started. It was there and will always be (hopefully).

Moreover, when you tell others about this as your job and passion, you can easily see a confused and scary look on their face [which you may even enjoy ;)]. However, it will never be easy to explain all this to them and you may end up staying quiet at family dinners. It can be counted as the best option rather than getting into useless arguments.

Is bartending a ‘Stopover’ Career?

No! Not at all! Many people consider Bartending as a “Stopover” career until you get a “Real Job”. These stereotype people are the hardest to explain and at the same time, the strongest opponent. Thus, while bartending, you may also want to prove them wrong (a great feeling). Apart from this, you can always sharpen your skills more and more while working as a bartender. There cannot be a better way to learn without doing it yourself. Thus, don’t consider it a ‘Stopover’ career; when you can love it and hone your skills by working as a bartender.

A Rewarding Career

People receive many things as a reward in your job, such as a bonus, gifts, etc. On the other hand, when you are working behind a bar with so much work to do along with all the drink recipes to remember, a satisfied customer’s smile is your true reward. The gratified and joyful look on the face of the customer who just had a mojito made by you; is the reward every bartender works for and also, his/ her ultimate achievement. Due to this, bartending is considered a rewarding career.

Socializing While Working

Everyone will admit that bartending is a tiring job with long hours but it is also true that a bar is a great place to socialize and explore other work environments. Sometimes you may even feel nocturnal due to long evening shifts. However, this can be suppressed very easily by socializing with your colleagues and even customers. Although, while socializing with customers, you should always maintain a safe distance (even with conversation) so as to not make the customer and others (including you) uncomfortable. Always be aware of when to cut short your conversation as to not let your work or duties suffer.

Additionally, when you socialize with your co-workers, you create a good work environment and with the help of this, your long hours will go much quicker and happier. You may love your job even more.

Always Stay Prepared

The only thing you need to prepare yourself for is the hazards. A bar is a place where anything can happen at any time, so you must keep yourself always prepared for any mishappening like cuts or fire or anything.

For instance, cuts are quite common in a bar, whether you got them from the smashed glass or knives while cutting fruits for a cocktail or to garnish your drinks. You must handle sharp or fragile things very carefully to prevent any mishappening.

Another most common risk is pain and aches from standing for long hours. Bartending is mostly a standing job that demands you to be on your feet and scurrying for long hours. It may lead to pain in your legs or ankles. However, if you love bartending, then you need to buy yourself a pair of clogs. It will prevent you from the pains and aches and keep you rushing for long hours without any hindrance.

Final Review

Many people think that in bartending you only make drinks, but bartending is a pretty broad term. In addition to making drinks and cocktails, a bartender makes experiences as well. A thing no other profession encourages!

Hence, start what you love and forget the rest!