Dress Like A Girl Boss

Corporate fashion can feel confusing when looking at different businesses and their work wear policies. Some may have kept things old-fashioned with the mundane shirt, smart pants, and no colour theme. If you are lucky enough to be starting at, or currently working for a company that encourages freedom of style, taking the opportunity to dress to impress is key. Although beneficial for the progression of the businesses, it leaves the question of what exactly are the new workwear standards and where would you start. 

Dress to impress yourself first 

Dress to impress yourself

When it comes to wearing clothes outside of work, you would not purpousley wear something you did not feel good in. Styling yourself for work should not be any different. As much as the purpose of being there isn’t for free time or enjoyment, you can still make it feel slightly more bearable if you make small conscious efforts to feel good on the inside. Feeling good about yourself from within reflects onto your work and those around you, so if you are confident about the way you look it has a high chance of translating onto other activities in the day. This of course will not make the job easier, but you can breeze through the day knowing that you put effort into your style and dress the part of a successful business person.

Look book: Blazers Dressed Up Or Down

Blazers Dressed

Nothing shouts ‘girl boss’ more than a tailored blazer suit. A phrase that will give you some fruit for thought is “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Now if you are in an industry or job position that you do not see yourself in a few years and are hoping to progress up the corporate ladder, you need to dress like you are already the newly appointed director. You may not even want to climb the ladder, but if you want to be respected and seen as a valued member of the company, dressing like it is one of the easiest ways. Womens blazers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and it is a staple for your office wardrobe. Quality is a big factor for blazers as the flimsy cheaply made ones will downgrade your look more than improve your dressing game. If you have to spend a little more on higher-quality blazers from Zara or H&M just as an example, I would suggest doing so. Keep it casual with a tan blazer with black leggings, a black bodysuit, and gold layered jewellery. Finish the look with some chunky boots, the perfect choice as we enter the autumn season. 

Dresses for everyday 

Dresses for everyday

Comfy confidence is the best feeling in the world. Dresses shouldn’t be held against the stigma of being revealing, uncomfortable, and for the approval of men. Sweater and cotton maxi dresses could be your new best friend this season, not only can they look smart with the appropriate shoes, but you can even lounge around the house in them. If you are going for a shorter dress, know the office etiquette. Anything too revealing will not go down well, keep it just above the knee, and wear some detailed or textured tights for that luxury look. I would suggest some small kitten heels with this one, or if you are looking for a playful look the chunky boots again would dress this look down whilst keeping it smart. Wearing something simple and effortless will be elevated with some statement jewellery and a luxury handbag. Imagine the stare’ of admiration when you walk into the office with this outfit on. People will be coming to you for fashion advice!