Custom Dog Portrait Phone Case

Do you know what dog fears the most?

Well, it is your absence, when you leave them alone at home every time you go out. They fear whether you will return back to them or not. Isn’t it cute and emotional at the same time? 

So, if you also miss them while going to your work, why not keep their presence along all the time. Wondering how it is possible? Here is the answer!

Have you ever heard before that sometimes you don’t need words to feel better; you just need the nearness of your dog. Well, the custom dog portrait phone case works the same! Mobile phones have become an important part of life, and usually, everyone these days carries their phones along. Having a phone case with a pet portrait will always make you feel closer to them even in their absence and will make you smile every time you look at it.

Why Get a Custom Dog Portrait Phone Case?

Being a pet lover, you would always want to keep your pet closer to you. So imagine a digital illustration of your adorable pet, with your favourite background image printed on your tough, high-quality phone case. It feels so realistic and lively.

Here are a few reasons for getting a customized dog portrait phone case.


The customized phone case allows you to always keep your pet’s face in your hand, bag or pocket all the time. So, whenever you miss them, just have a look at your phone cover and cherish your memories.


A UV printed matte finish case cover is always attractive. It enhances the looks of your phone and is long-lasting. It makes your phone more attractive, where the artwork is guaranteed to look great. You can be sure of getting lots of comments as you share them with the world.

A Great Gift 

If your loved ones or your friend is a pet-lover, then you need to give a second thought if you are planning to gift a custom pet portrait phone case. It makes a great gift for animal lovers.

Protects your Cell Phone

You might have heard a lot of real stories where pets save the lives of their owners. Similarly, a phone case with a pet portrait will give you the same feeling whenever your phone falls. The solid phone cover helps to protect the phone in several circumstances.


While the cost of the custom phone cases varies according to style and quantity, however, expect a starting price of just a couple of dollars. 

Highly Customizable

Consumer preferences vary widely for cell phone cases. Some prefer hard cases, while others prefer tough cases or gel cases. With portrait images, you have the option to choose the type of cell phone case.


If you often miss your pet or you are unable to bring your pet with you, you can still keep them close with a custom dog portrait phone case.

 Explore the various options in the market and place your order for a pet phone case today from a reputed company.