Welcome to Looks and Curves.

The Looks and Curves is a resource for self-love, sustainability, fashion statement, and wellness.

Founded in 2020, Looks & Curves is a joint venture of two friends who wish to give today’s women the freedom of expression. We love to share inspirational stories, blogs and invite you to discover our writings.

The Looks & Curves is a resource for self-love, sustainability, fashion statement, and wellness. We address all facets of life with a practical, carefree, and real-life relatable twist.

Looks & Curves vitalizes people around shared interests, kindling conversations with a global point of view. We aim to delineate important aspects of fast-moving life. Our mission is to inspire people, communities, and the planet to take better care of them.

Looks & Curves is committed to offering our high-engaging readership with real-world and trusted information regarding fashion, style, health, and wellness.

Our Story

I know exactly what it feels to be completely unsatisfied with your life.

That was me just a couple of years back. I was struggling with my marriage, gained a lot of weight, start developing health issues, and found myself at an all-time low mentally. One day I thought that’s not what I wanted for my life, so I decided to make some serious alterations in my life.

I left an unhappy relationship, gather myself up, and took control of my physical and mental health. I accepted the way I am and created a life that makes me excited for every day.

Knowing the ups and downs of my life, my friend got an idea to design a platform and help other people take control of their lives.

This is how two friend’s normal conversation over coffee gave birth to Looks & Curves. Our passion for inspiring others and writing got us to Looks & Curves.

Our Aim

We are aware that, today, people have started giving themselves priority and care they need. We design our content guiding both men and women to make their lives better mentally and physically. Our mission is to inspire you, guide you, and push you harder for a better tomorrow.

Our Mantra

Things never get easier, it’s you who gets strong.

Love Yourself! Be an inspiration.