Korean Fashion

Korean culture has a rich legacy. Korea has made immense contributions to the contemporary culture of the world in the realms of fashion, cinema, and music. South Korean fashion trends have made a significant impact on the western fashion industry.

The fan following of Korean Pop (K-Pop) idols is gaining momentum at an alarming rate. All over the world, people have shown love and appreciation for Korean movies, soap operas, and K-Pop music. Naturally, this has increased the influence of Korean fashion on people of all ages and races. The influence of fashion and beauty vloggers of Korean origin is also on the rise.

A Sneak Peek into History of Korean Fashion

It was in the 1800s that western fashion started intertwining with K-fashion.  From 1910 to 1945, Korean fashion was largely shaped by the Japanese colonial society. Fashion in Korea started developing as more and more women started venturing out for work in factories and industries. In the 1950s, the influence of American fashion on Korea was evident as swimsuits and brighter shades of cosmetics gained popularity among Korean women.

From the 1970s onwards, brands and departmental outlets became the main distributors and propagators of Korean fashion. However, the coming of K-Pop in the 1990s marked a new era in the Korean fashion industry. With the help of the internet and social media platforms, Korean beauty products and clothes have become one of the most popular in contemporary times. The economic and commercial market for K-fashion is expected to rise exponentially in the near future.

Fashion Has Always Been a Part of Korean Culture

It was never as big or popular before as it now. Korean designers are gaining more exposure worldwide and fame in Seoul and at the global level. They are known for their peppy and impeccable sense of style in routine life for both women and men. K-fashion has a certain youthful vibe to it.

Let’s explore the various styles of Korean fashion:

The Hongdae Street Style

This style is not restricted to people hanging out in the Hongdae region. It is more common among youth in their early twenties. It defines a relaxed chill street look combined with the aesthetics of hip and rock. An oversized baggy top with fitted pants in more colors is the signature style of this fashion.

Less Revealing Tops

When it comes to values, Koreans are rooted in conservatism. It is still frowned upon when women wear too revealing dresses, especially in the top area. Though rules are getting laxer as K-fashion is evolving, but you won’t backless tops commonly. Given the reason, crop tops have become a great trend. It is paired with high-waist shorts, skirts, and pants.

 Layer It Up

Working on the idea that not to show too much chest or shoulders, style of layers was born. By layers, it means a simple t-shirt under a spaghetti strap outfit. Lace dresses over pants are a thing in K-Fashion. You can mix and match in the creative way you could.


Sense of community and harmony are important values in Korea which you can see reflecting in its fashion. As K-fashion influences the world, Korean-inspired outfits and accessories are becoming wardrobe-essentials for many.