Stress, hormone fluctuations, and periods often bear the burden of blame in terms of breakouts. However, when your skin is invaded by unexpected pimples out of nowhere, there might be some other less-known triggers at fault! As it isn’t always obvious what routine things can disrupt your complexion’s smooth-looking appearance, this article explains 7 potential unsuspicious triggers that can cause acne flare-ups, in addition to what you should do to help minimize their frequency and appearance.

Trigger #1 – Pets

You adore your furry buddy the same as some other person and get regular cuddle sessions! Sometimes, you might even let your pet curl up in the bed with you or lick your face. Hate to break to it you, but do you ever wonder how much bacteria your pet can be carrying around? Besides saliva, even the fur of your dog or cat can house tons of germs. If these germy substances get hold of your skin, it is possible that breakouts are the result.

What You Must Do: Cleanall the places that may collect pet danger and never put your face across the places your pet use to lay down. It is always good to wash your hands and face after cuddling with your pet.

Trigger #2 – Toothpaste

Toothpaste is usually considered as an inexpensive option for blemishes treatment, but a few formulas can cause flare-ups. When you brush your teeth, the toothpaste might dribble out in the corners of your mouth and lurk around while you complete the process. Since common toothpaste components such as menthol can cause dryness, it is easy to notice why this case can mean trouble.

What You Must Do: You should brush your teeth before washing your face! It will help to ensure that any lurking toothpaste residue is washed off.

Trigger #3 – Washcloths

It is no secret that sheets, pillowcases, blending sponges, and makeup brushes must be cleaned religiously to prevent dirt or bacteria to raid your skin! However, are you doing the same with your washcloths and towels? Commonly stored in bathrooms – a hotbed of mold growth and bacteria – these clothes might be quietly affecting your skin with the development of zits. This is known as acne mechanica!

What You Must Do: You might get away with cleaning your makeup brushes or pillowcases every other week, but shower robes and facial clothes must get more frequent cleaning! Besides, don’t rub your skin too aggressively with towels.

Trigger #4 – Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Are you of those people who have decorative throw pillows mounted onto their beds? In contrast with the pillows that you sleep on, such plush accents usually go unwashed for prolonged periods. They are often tossed down on the floor before snooze, making them prone to picking up germs and bacteria.

What You Must Do: Try to minimize your contact with throw pillows while resting on your couch or bed. If there is a removable case, wash it with your laundry.

Trigger #5 – Going to Bed with Wet Hair

It is known that a few hair products can block your pores, which can cause breakouts in your hairline. If you do not take a shower at night, these irritants will rub against your skin when you are asleep. However, hair styling products are not the only hair-related pimples culprits out there! When you sleep with soaking hair quite often, your skin may suffer the consequences. Note that bacteria like to stay in warm, dark, and damp places. If you are lying down at night with wet hair, you might just be building a suitable environment for bacteria to develop.

What You Must Do: You should always dry out your hair before you hit the sack. If possible, pull back your hair to keep your face clear while you sleep.

Trigger #6 – Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Quite a few social experts urge people to make conscious efforts to spend lesser time glued to cell phones for a myriad of reasons, but have you heard that doing so can also prove to be helpful for your skin? Acne that appears around your jawline and chin can be caused by frequent contact with a bacteria-filled cell phone. When grime and dirt from your smartphone get mixed with the oil on your face, it can cause breakouts and blemishes.

What You Must Do: Wipe your phone down regularly to clean out any build-up of makeup, oil, or other germs.

Trigger #7 – Your S.O. (Significant Other)

Are you getting breakouts after making out? It is possible that your significant other may be at fault! It is a common occurrence, to an extent that it even has an official name – consort acne. When the sweat, dirt, or oil of your partner gets in contact with your skin, it can block your pores and eventually cause blemishes.

What You Must Do: No matter how annoying acne can be, they aren’t worth breaking over! Rather than letting consort acne to wreck your relationship, you can be cautious about cleaning your skin and regularly washing your sheets to keep dirt, oil, and bacteria at bay.

The Takeaway

Let your skin be your first priority! There is a profusion of options and over-the-counter medication available to treat acne, but your skin may not cooperate with all of them. Having experts help sometimes become inevitable to successfully remove the appearance of breakouts. If you are experiencing constant trouble with unexpected breakouts, you should seek help from a dermatologist who specializes in acne treatment.