Makeup Hacks

Whether you are waking up to a crying baby or an annoying alarm clock getting up and going in the morning can be rough, especially when you haven’t had enough sleep. Lack of sleep is real and so is the frustration when all the tossing and turning you did last night is visible on your face the other morning.

While the best remedy would be an uninterrupted night’s sleep of 8 hours or more (you can at least dream off), most of you must be looking for quick fixes to fake the look of a good night’s rest. Fortunately, with the right tips and tricks in tow, adorning the fresh look on your face is an easier fix than you’d think.

A hack isn’t called a hack if it takes a chunk of your time. Moreover, during the morning rush, even one minute qualifies as a “big chunk.” This is the reason to favor the tips of makeup artists swore at the backstage of a fashion week. Luckily, the beauty regimes have a lot to offer from face brightening massages to dark circle fixers and puffiness solutions.

Let’s have a look at genius makeup hacks and time-saving tricks to look less tired:

Shimmer Effect

Add a hint of shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes, your brow bone, and the middle of your lids. Use your finger to press a shimmery shade instead of the brush. Think of it like contouring your eyes. The shimmer reflects the light and makes your eyes look wider and bigger. This makeup hack will instantly brighten your eyes and make you look more awake and younger.

Makeup Hacks

Two Shades of Liner

You might need to reconsider your signature look of the chic black rim around your eyes when you miss out on a good night’s sleep. Try using white or nude shade for your lower lash line. It will make you appear bigger whereas black can give you shrunk or squeezed eye look when you are exhausted.

Never Miss the Concealer

Paint an upside-down triangle under the eyes to conceal the dark circles. Further, apply concealer around you’re your nose. Seriously, Do it! It might seem random. However, applying concealer around your nostrils gives you results like an Instagram filter. Make your nasolabial fold vanishes and instantly brightens up your face in seconds. Ensure to use only a little amount of concealer and blend well. Finish off the contouring with a dab on your cheekbones. Such simple techniques create an illusion that draws your face upwards giving you a well-rested and perky look.

Don’t Forget Mascara

A swipe of mascara will help you look wide-awake in seconds even if you are dolling up a natural look. You should opt to ditch the liner and try fluttery mascara for a subtle, uplifting feline flick in the outer corner of your eyes.

Beautiful woman applying mascara

Use Eyelash Curler for an Instant Pick-Me-Up

Heat your eyelash curler by running it under warm water or blow-drying for about 10-20 seconds. You skip the heating part and curl your eyelashes normally which takes not more than 5 seconds. It makes your eye look awake and open with more natural-looking lashes.

Young beautiful woman holding eyelash curler

Bright Red Lipstick

Drawing attention towards your lips with brighter lip shades is another useful hack. Go with bright and bold colors to shift the focus from other face parts. Also, lipstick can bring life back to your face just like a color-correcting concealer to cancel out the dark circles. Take a red lipstick and dot under the eyes gently. Then, with your fingertips rub it into your skin and blend it properly. Apply little foundation, and you are good to go. A red tinge to your skin makes you look less tired and more energetic.

Bright Red Lipstick

Highlight Your Brows

Highlighting brows define your eyes and make them look bigger. It is perfect to lift and frame your brows for a naturally radiant and perfect finish look. Initially, apply a gel for their setting and then use lighter brow colors in the middle and deeper brow colors towards the tips. Accentuated brow finish can highlight your eye makeup.

To Wrap Up

Working late, night up with kids, and never-ending household chores make it hard to catch a good sleep leaving you looking wiped out and feeling groggy. Look gorgeous and vibrant with mentioned beauty hacks.

Take care of your skin and look beautifully awake.