Belly Fat Burn

You’ve been hitting the gym religiously and lost loads of weight, but that tummy just refuses to be tamed! It isn’t you, it is what you might be eating. Research indicates our eat and sleep cycles have been completely disordered because of cues we send throughout the day with the food we consume.

Unhealthy food items, mostly the ones containing high sodium, stimulate the hunger hormones and bait you into a vicious cycle of cravings. Some days, you are a chocolate smoothie-guzzling, other days, you are all about that candy roll!

Sounds like you might never shake off that belly fat, right? To your surprise, there is a bright side! With the right guidance and a proper diet schedule, losing fat can be made easier than doing a hundred crunches. Yes, you read it right!

To balance things out, include these superfoods in your diet to burn that belly fat:

1.      Low-Fat Yogurt, Low-Fat Milk, or Swiss Cheese

Research shows there’s a strong connection between high calcium diet and better body composition. If you are low on calcium intake, your body triggers hormones that help you make better utilization of the calcium that you have.

Low-Fat Yogurt

The problem is, consequently, your body sends signals to fat cells to retain fat, including that in your stomach. Dairy products, including yogurt, milk, and cheese (especially swiss), are some preferable sources of calcium. Consuming 3 servings of dairy products every day, and keeping track of the rest of your calories and diet can steadily help you lose weight.

2.      Oats and Barley

Having an appetizing barley side meal instead of white rice can help you in shedding that clingy belly fat! It is preferred to implement a reduced-calorie diet and consume whole grains, such as oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, brown rice, and barley. Oats and barley are especially good choices as they are rich in fiber and do not typically increase blood sugar levels as much as brown or white rice.

Oats and Barley

3.      Green Tea

You will not only be fighting heart disease and cancer by drinking green tea, but you will also shrink your tummy, especially if you are walking too! Studies show that people who drink green tea and do moderate exercise (mainly walking, or jogging), lose around 7.4% more belly fat in 12 weeks than those who prefer normal tea.

Green Tea

Catechins in green tea increase metabolism and the pace at which the liver melts fat. For best results, drink 4 to 6 cups of green tea every day and log a minimum of 180 minutes of workout every week.

4.      Eggs

Your body typically uses more calories to digest protein compared to other food items. Protein also helps in maintaining muscle mass while you are losing weight, and muscles usually burn more calories than fat.


Include more protein in every meal, particularly breakfast. Eggs are an inexpensive and easy solution! Hard-boiled eggs make a quick and good snack, particularly when you may otherwise reach for candy bars. Eggs are one of the few great food sources of vitamin D, which studies also suggests may play a critical role in losing weight.

5.      Walnuts and Almonds

Making your meals a little nuttier can help you shrink your belly! Plenty of studies identify nuts as a stomach-friendly addition to your diet, as far as you aren’t going overboard. Note that they have protein, fiber, and good fat that may improve the sensitivity of your body to insulin, supporting weight loss. Walnuts are considered one of the best sources (non-fish) of omega-3 fatty acids, and almonds give extra benefit in terms of fat-shedding calcium.

Walnuts and Almonds

6.      Salmon

Eating fat may sound like a crazy plan when you are trying to lose weight, but taking omega-3 fatty acids from salmon can be just what a diet doctor may recommend. Though the exact process is unknown, omega-3 fatty acids can reduce fat mass.


Some studies have identified that omega-3 fatty acids typically make you feel more satisfied and less hungry for around 2 hours after having a fatty-fish meal. You should eat salmon or other fatty fish, such as herring, canned tuna, or mackerel at least 2 times a week.

7.      Blueberries

Having a delicious snack that can help you lose fat is nothing less than a blessing! Blueberries are not only delightful to your taste buds but also contain anthocyanins-phytonutrients that may have an impact on the genes that control fat metabolism. One cup of blueberries in the morning might just be the meal that you need to trim down your belly.


The Takeaway

We have all been there – losing the gamble to cheesecakes and knowing we should have the yogurt on our plate instead! They are the same amount of calories, so what is the difference, right? Shockingly, a ton, especially when you are planning to get rid of belly fat from your body. While there is no magic bullet for losing weight, checking what you should and shouldn’t eat can just be the differentiating factor.