Wedding Entrance Ideas

You have seen the bride enter the reception room by walking with her siblings, on a palanquin, and even a car before. It is common to see brides dancing on the beats of the Kala Chashma track these days but have you ever seen a bride on a unicycle? Or in a giant hamster ball? These ideas are so out of the box that they will surely stand out from all of your friends’ weddings.

For making any Indian wedding, there are a lot of things to do like sending wedding invite, deciding the venue of the marriage, making light and sound arrangements and fixing the honeymoon. Once your guests have saved the date of your wedding the stress level may go up and health issues as well.

Key Points for Your Wedding Entry

All these things will keep you preoccupied and you might not have time to think about your wedding day. A wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day but one thing that will keep you stressed is your wedding entrance.

There are so many options when it comes to picking your wedding entry and all of them can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin? How do you know which option is right for you? If you are trying to figure out what kind of wedding entry is best for you and your partner, here are some helpful pointers to decide upon.

  • Deciding on your wedding entry type: Take enough time to decide whether you will walk alone or with your father? You should train every participant in your entry in advance.
  • Know your options: To make your wedding more exciting and wonderful you must go through the options of wedding entries that your wedding planner offers you. Even if you are your own wedding planner then it is advised to think about only valid options that you can try in a particular area.
  • Location and venue: Visiting your wedding location and training on the venue of the wedding can be a good idea to make your entrance process smoother and more graceful.
  • Music, Sound and Light: With professional music, any entrance can lose its glamour no matter how creative it is. Hire good music, sound and light systems that could add more grace to your wedding entrance.
  • Guest escort and hospitality: Before you enter the wedding hall, make sure the hospitality staff attends to your guest well. The guests waiting for your entrance for a long time should be served well.
  • Reception entrance song: Although it is seen wedding planners select trending tracks in the wedding season we suggest you go creative and experiment with a mix and match of Indian and western songs.

6 Ways to Level up Your Wedding Entrance

Wedding Entrance

With so many traditions and norms to follow when it comes to wedding entrances, the risk of being unoriginal is high. So if you want your guests to “ooh” and “ahh” once again, we have 5 fresh ideas that will take your entrance from ho-hum to whaaat? Here are 6 ways to level up your wedding entrance.

1. Surprise your guests with an entrance you’ll never forget

Nothing gets a party started like some audience participation. Pick a row of guests, or someone at random, and let them know their job is to stand up and lift you over the aisle. This is a killer way to start your wedding reception, because not only will it shock your guests, but it will also be a great photo opportunity. For an added twist, create a choreographed dance or action sequence as you are carried to your groom.

2. Go through the air

If you’re having an outdoor wedding and you want to up the ante, try a swing entrance. This entrance fits both an outdoor wedding and indoor reception equally well. You’ll just have to have a few more materials to create inside. This entrance is best used in conjunction with a white wedding. It’s a surefire way to make your entrance look amazing. If you have the right equipment, you can also create this entrance indoors. You can get creative with a trapeze or a “flying” contraption if you have the right equipment. Just make sure you are protected by a harness.

3. Make your entrance together as a group of friends

If you’re worried that a solo entrance is unoriginal, bring a few of your best friends along with you. Let them carry the bouquet or throw the garter so that you all make an entrance as a group. This is a fun twist on the traditional “groom escorting his bride” entrance. By doing this, you make the entrance more about your friends than just the bride and groom.

4. Write your vows and have them displayed during your entrance

This is a unique twist on the typical wedding entrance. Many couples are choosing to have their vows displayed during the reception on a table or wall. This is a great way to keep your vows private and meaningful. However, this is a super fun and creative way to display your vows. Guests will love getting to read your vows as you make your entrance. If you’re worried about space, there are now wedding entrance table runners that let your guests flip through your vows as you walk down the aisle.

5. Have a flower girl and ring bearer who will light up the aisle for you

If you don’t want to walk down the aisle by yourself, but you don’t want to walk down with your groom, you can always bring a couple of little helpers. This is a great idea if you have younger siblings or children in your family who would like to take part in your ceremony. The flower girl and ring bearer can walk down the aisle before you, holding beautiful flowers or a ring pillow. This is a great way to make your entrance more personal. It’s also a great way to include your children in your wedding ceremony if they are too young to walk down the aisle.

6. Keep it simple with a white aisle runner, especially if you’re wearing all white

wearing all white

This is a great way to level up an entrance if you’re worried about going outside of the box or want to keep your entrance simple. White runners are inexpensive and easy to find. They go with any colour scheme and can be customized to fit your needs. A white runner also has the benefit of instantly cleaning up any dirt or stains that might happen during your entrance. This is especially important if you’re wearing all white, or your shoes are covered in dirt. White runners are also great for outdoor weddings. They won’t get stained by grass or dirt, yet will still add a touch of elegance to your table decor.

Final Words

Something as simple as walking up the aisle with your dad on one arm and your future husband on the other can seem a more natural idea to some of you but to spice up your entrance a little bit the above-shared ideas can be helpful. Even if you have every detail planned down to the exact second, you must take time to find out what you want from your big day.

If anything, it is a one-in-a-lifetime event then why not try something different? These are a few of the most cliché ideas for entrances. No one expects them, and they are not creative. Instead, level up your wedding entrance by doing something different. Be creative, have fun, and don’t forget to have your guests participate in the fun.