People change and styles too. You have been dressing in one way for a long time, and one day you realize that your own wardrobe is boring. How to change clothing style at this point? It’s never too late to get it, but always follow some tips to not go crazy, burn the credit card, buy new clothes and not look back. With these 11 steps, you will have it done in less than a week.

List Your Needs

In addition to thinking about how you would like to look, think about how you need to look. When changing your style, it is vital to have what fits into your look based on your lifestyle. Assess the climatic conditions of your city and your pace of life. For example, if you work running from one place to another, stiletto heels may not be the most appropriate, as much as you love them.

An effective way to do this is to review your current style. Do you like to thoroughly elaborate outfits, or do you prefer to get dressed quickly in less than 10 minutes? This will tell you whether your new look should be easy to put together, comfortable, or elaborate. We already anticipate that trying to impose something on yourself that does not fit with your way of life will end up failing miserably. It has to reflect your creativity, taste, and lifestyle 100%.

Choose Your Style Idol

Once you know the style that fits your lifestyle, it is time to get inspired. Anyone looking to change their clothing style needs a fashion reference with the aesthetic they want to achieve. Are you more of minimalism, impossible mixtures, or at leisure? The answer is in the street style. 

It’s Time to Check the Closet

You already know how to change clothes style, and now you have to get rid of the old ones. Clean out your closet, donate what no longer fits with your “new you,” and keep the basics and garments that can adapt to this new style that you want to develop. It will be challenging, but once you do it, you will never think about those clothes again. Why? Because your renewed looks will not need them.

Look For the Colors That Favor You

Reaching a new style and making it yours is not just about finding the garments. Colours also play an essential role because they are responsible for matching your skin tone and making you shine. Look for the ones that make you feel more beautiful and avoid those that turn you off. 

Analyze Each New Acquisition

That you are looking for statement pieces that fit your new style does not mean you buy without any break. Analyze your acquisitions well, consider whether it fits with the rest of the garments, and ideas to combine them and maximize their use. Ultimately, it is about having a versatile wardrobe with thousands of possibilities. Do you want to try a new and risky trend? Choose to do it in neutral colours that feel good to you, so you can use it much more often.

Get Accessories

You already know everything about changing clothes style, and it’s time to put the icing on the cake with accessories. Find what fits best in this new wardrobe: silk scarves, XL gold jewellery, and bags that are the protagonists. Whether you wear jeans and a white T-shirt, good oversized earrings will make you the most stylish in the place, uniting the whole look and polishing it thoroughly.

Fewer Frills, More Simplicity

We know that when we dress, we try to do our best. We dress up and adorn ourselves with whatever accessory we think is good to wear. But the truth is that all this overloads our outfits and hides us from the eyes of the rest.

Do you want to look elegant? The secret is simple. As the saying goes, “less is more.” And yes, that is true. The game to know how to combine the pieces and always bet on the timeless and natural!

Prints for Curvy Girls

The belief that voluptuous women do not favour prints are being left behind. Until now, “the latest thing in fashion” has been that there are no unbreakable rules to dress. Of course, if you are going to take a risk, do it well!

In your case, try plain textiles and tiny prints (which will give the illusion of less volume). And, of course, follow this logical advice: the clothes should be your exact size, no more and no less.

Swap Leggings for Pants                             

We do not mean that you throw them away because you can continue using them for a walk or relaxed outing with friends and go shopping. If you look around you, many girls are wearing leggings. Instead, you mark your style and be different, knowing when to use it and when not. Instead, she wears dress pants or jeans. You will find these in many designs that will flatter you more, such as pincers, chinos, and straight-boot or elephant-foot jeans (making a comeback).

Dare To Combine Prints

A very fashionable trend is the combination of prints. Previously this was something unthinkable. Get out of stripes? A blunder! Nowadays, it is no longer like that.

We know that few girls dare, but how can we learn to do it if we don’t take risks? You can start by combining a printed blouse and blazer with plain trousers. Instead, when you feel a little more confident, wear a floral skirt with a striped shirt. 

A secret is that you combine pieces with tiny prints with others that are more noticeable. And, among the infallible print combinations, we have flowers with stripes and animal prints.

Invest In Timeless and Quality Garments

Being fashionable is not filling the closet with clothes you will not wear again in a few months. The idea is that you buy basic garments of the best quality. In other words, invest in good jeans, a white shirt with a collar, a black dress without adornments, a black blazer, a leather jacket, a pencil skirt, couple t-shirts among others.

With these basic garments, you can actually achieve charming outfits with them. Either by combining them with each other or with some other more innovative is a must.

When you don’t know what to wear, appeal to these wardrobe basics. You will be ready soon, elegant and according to the occasion.

Final Words

The latest fashion tips to renew your image are: goodbye to the totally black outfit and heavy makeup. What other fashion tips would you like to add to the list?